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Would you like to join us as a volunteer?

If you have a heart for people in need, love working as part of an enthusiastic and committed team, and have some basic computer skills, then we do need you! You really can make a practical difference in people’s lives whilst at the same time, if you have a faith, then finding a practical outlet for that faith.

Once you have joined the team at one of our centres and feel confident, you will be able to do at least some of the following:  

  • Meet with clients to assess their financial position
  • Check they are getting full benefits
  • Help them with benefit claims and appeals
  • Advise on the best debt solution
  • Contact creditors
  • Provide ongoing support

We will of course give you initial and continuing training, with full support at every stage.

If you do not feel this is for you, you don’t have to be an adviser! There are other support roles supporting the running of the office such as administrators, fundraisers, or just supporting clients.

If you are interested, just go to our Contact Us page, where you can contact your nearest office.

Here are some comments from our volunteers:

“Volunteering as a debt counsellor is a very rewarding experience, particularly for an older person who is no longer part of the mainstream working population. The appreciation shown by grateful clients is great, but equally important is the feeling of self-worth that helping others gives to a person.”

“Volunteering has given me a deep sense of serving and caring for people in trouble and doing the kingdom work of God.”

“I never thought I would be able to help people out of such difficult situations. It is wonderful to see lives changed for the better.”

“Volunteering, for me, is the Bible in action, caring for the poor and needy.”

“My client who has now come off suicide watch said to me ‘My GP has moved away; my personal counsellor has retired, you [my debt counsellor] are the only one left.’ ”

Starting a Frontline office

At Frontline, we have over 20 years’ experience of helping groups or churches start and run debt advice offices. We offer introduction training in debt advice, and for those wanting to become part of the Frontline family by starting a new office, we also provide extensive ongoing support and resources.

For more information, go to our Contact Us page and select General Enquiries.


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