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Overwhelmed by bills

  • Is your monthly spending often more than your income?
  • Are you behind with your mortgage or rent?
  • Do you dip into money allocated for something else?
  • Are your credit card bills going up?
  • Do you ignore letters from people you owe money to?
  • Do you keep your financial concerns to yourself?

If you answer  ‘yes’ to any of these, then you need help. Please come to see us, email us, or any other agency that offers FREE debt advice.

To find out if you have more going out than coming in, then complete the income and outgoings on the National Debtline Your Budget page. You can save the budget you have done on the  website securely. (Please bring the login details or your phone to your first appointment, as the information will help us to help you).

If you find you don’t have enough left over to meet all your existing debt payments then do please contact us for help. 

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