Do I need help?

Many people are not sure if they need assistance with their debt situation. Here is a simple way to check, start by asking yourself these questions:

  • Do you spend more than you get in most months?
  • Are you in arrears with your mortgage or rent?
  • Do you steal from “Peter to pay Paul?”
  • Are your credit card/s increasing most months?
  • Afraid to open letters when they come from companies you owe money too?
  • Do you keep your financial worries from your partner or family?

If the answer to any of their questions is ‘yes’ then you need help. Please come to see us, email us or any other agency that offers FREE debt advice.

The table below is the same as the one we would use to calculate your household budget (financial statement). To try it yourself, enter the appropriate amounts into each column and the total will automatically appear in the “Total” field.  You will then be able to compare your monthly income with your monthly expenditure. If you usually work on weekly amounts, multiply the figure by 52 and divide it by 12 to get the monthly amount.

Once you leave this page any information you have entered will be deleted.

Free budgeting tool